Aloe Vera: A miraculous Plant


Being a recipe of benefits to human health, aloe vera is a miraculous product of nature, it would not be wrong to mark it as natural superpower to use, as it keeps digestive system healthy, strengthens immune system supporting antioxidant state. Since decades, people are enjoying from all the health benefits of Aloe Vera. It is considered to be a miraculous plant in healing injuries and providing cure to numerous diseases. It has a capacity to heal major skin issues and it keeps skin and hair healthy.

Aloe vera from medical perspective supports not only muscles and joint functions, but it also acts as an antioxidant. It is widely used as anti toxins, by reducing number and concentration of toxin agent. This is also true because Aloe Vera contains so many minerals, vitamins and other enzymes which are really beneficial for human body. Aloe vera along with internal health of a body acts as a curing agent for many exterior parts like skin. It helps to heal inflammation, injuries, burns and other issues. Uses of Aloe Vera are limited by our research, scientist have found many benefits of aloe vera. Researchers all around the world and still in the process of finding out possible health benefits of Aloe Vera and this research is ever going because new and latest benefits of using Aloe Vera keep emerging time to time.

For skin, Aloe Vera acts as hydrating and moisturizing agent, promoting healthier skin. The effect on skin has been scientifically proven; a research conducted by International Aloe Science Council state “intake of aloe Vera juice instead of water with vitamins can improve absorption of supplements”, Statistics to support vitamin absorption were “an increase of 204 % absorption of vitamin C&E using aloe gel”, “increase of 210% absorption of vitamin C and 180% of vitamin B-12 using aloe juice”, “increase of 140% absorption of vitamin C and, increase of 160 % absorption of vitamin B-12 using whole leaf juice”. Scientist found that nutrient applied on skin containing aloe vera saturates deeper into inner layers promoting epidermal health. Hence, skin benefits have been revealed by numerous researcher and it is advisable to use Aloe Vera for promoting healthier and shinier skin.


Recent study to find out anti diabetes product reveled use of aloe vera juice as an effective natural cure. Scientist in study found “using two table spoon of aloe vera juice can lower blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes”. Hence, it proves that it is also a natural cure for disease like Diabetes. Another study figures use of aloe vera as curing agent against “breast cancer”, research says “Aloe-Emodin” a compound in aloe vera leaves slows down spread of breast cancer. This is also revealing and beneficial for the women who are dealing with breast cancer.

This super natural product survives in dry conditions because of ability of its leaves to store more water; this hydrating characteristic makes aloe vera face moisturizer and pain reliever. In 2014 a team of scientist conducted a research on use of aloe vera as an alternative to chemical mouth wash, and proved it to be effective natural solution with little or no side effects, along with a cure to swelling gums and bleeding. And mostly people use Aloe Vera creams in winter in order to avoid dry skin.

Products available at retail store contain a small percentage of aloe vera usually in the range of 1-10 % in creams, lotion and other like products. But to yield benefits of Aloe vera the concentration of aloe vera needs to be greater than 30% in these products. Search of great concentration of aloe vera in nature revealed, “Lily of the Desert” topical product that contains up to 99 % organic aloe vera.Usage of aloe vera limits to our research and imagination, nature has gifted us with a miraculous product, making various gels and extracts from aloe vera and changing mixture can reveal many more benefits, more we can imagine. It would not be wrong to mark this “natural super product” as next cure for hundreds of disease. We would definitely be looking for aloe vera from now onwards as new house plant and an effective remedy.